Print Dimensions

20" x 13"

Training Generations

Slingsby Firefly and Grob Tutor

This painting was commissioned by the Daedalus Mess at The RAF College Cranwell to mark the retirement of the Firefly from RAF service. While talking about various details of what was wanted in the painting, I was privileged to be shown around the College, and I found it fascinating to see and feel the place that I have read about in books. The portraits and items of historical interest bring the history written on a page into a closer, tangible reality that, if you have an interest in these things, make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck!

The painting itself is quite large, over four feet across, which presented many challenges. These were not only with the physical handling of such a large canvas, but keeping the whole picture balanced overall in colour and tone. I guess it boils down to stepping back from the painting from time to time to get the whole thing within your vision.

The ‘bottom line' to this is I am very proud to have a painting hanging in The Daedalus Mess at RAF Cranwell.

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Limited Edition of 300

Giclee Print with Remarque
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